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A beautiful, huge church with amazing multi-coloured domes. note: image heavy post. Click Read More to continue. See larger (original) images by clicking on the images.

I know it’s odd to start with the last photos, but I just want to do so. The reason why is that these photos were taken by my phone (Nokia N70) instead of my camera (Sony T70). Pardon the quality. Ahem. Anyway. I’m a big freak of categorizing I even had to separate photos taken […]

Hello guys. Sorry for not updating for so long. I’m safe and secure, back in tropical, very convenient island of Singapore. Seriously, you can’t appreciate Singapore this much until you’ve gone to Russia. St Petersburg was…. not like anything I’ve experienced. I missed Singapore (and Jakarta) so badly but at the same time was charmed […]

  White Night in St Petersburg (10 PM). Photo by Becky Sullivan. I’M SO EXCITED.   Yup. Last year my choir SMU Chamber Choir went to Sopot, Poland to participate in a choir competition. (I know, I haven’t churned out the blogposts! Please search for my photo albums on facebook) This year we decided to […]