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CNY 2014

Flew back home again for Chinese New Year 2014. I was never really super excited about CNY, it only started after I moved to Singapore. When I was still studying in SMU, Chinese New Year usually falls on a school term, and while Singapore gives 2 days of holiday, it usually just doesn’t warrant buying […]

Jakarta, yet again

I’m currently home in Jakarta and I had a ridiculously horrible flight. I’m too busy enjoying the nice food and watching DVDs to discuss about it though. That’s about it. More updates coming soon… Later.

I’m home

It rocks. I love my car with my driver. And my piano. And my cable TV. Soon enough I’ll be watching DVDs non stop. Heh. I love this city with all the irony. I love the city which has grand malls and luxurious apartments followed by slums and almost-torn-down homes and small coffee shops right […]