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Hello guys. Sorry for not updating for so long. I’m safe and secure, back in tropical, very convenient island of Singapore. Seriously, you can’t appreciate Singapore this much until you’ve gone to Russia. St Petersburg was…. not like anything I’ve experienced. I missed Singapore (and Jakarta) so badly but at the same time was charmed […]

I know it’s been so long! Nevertheless here’s my entry! 😀 24th of May, the last day of our competition 🙂 It was the folk music category.. Songs that we sang: Sohran Bushi (Japanese) Xiao Huang Li Niao/小黄鹂鸟 (Mongolian folk song, sung in Mandarin) Mamayog Akun (Philippines) Dayung Sampan (Singapore, with melody adapted from a Chinese […]

And thus it was 23rd of May, the first day of the competition.. It was the sacred music category. I didn’t take a lot of pictures since I was, obviously, singing. My choir’s repertoire for the sacred category.. Ave Maria attributed to T. L. de Victoria Exsultate Justi by Lodovico Viadana Dona Nobis Pacem by […]

I’m gonna try different kind of writing. Photos will be now inline with the pre-typed blogpost. 22nd of may it was the opening ceremony! We were parading down the “hippest” and trendiest street in town, Monte Cassino. Think of it like Singapore’s Clarke Quay, maybe. Or maybe Holland V. Just some street that people will […]

Yesh! Here goes the next day.. As usual.. My pre-typed blogpost… woke up in the morning and our guides brought us to the beach/sea! there’s this super long beach line. or maybe it’s some peninsula? i dunno what it’s called but it’s long. the sand is very soft so we kept sinking. it was so […]

Full Facebook photo album. Ok here we go to the next days.. Posted one month after the day itself.. Sorry.. Pardon me for being soooo busy ok? Ok here goes my pre-typed blogpost… 20th of may went to Kosakowo to hold some choral workshops in schools. in return the students gave us performances. kosakowo is […]

Full photo album (Facebook) note : this entry below was handwritten by me on approximately may 19th or may 20th. In case you want to see the handwriting, here it is.. Hehehe.. May 19th Went to Gdansk. It was a town that’s completely destroyed at world wars. History noted that it was “owned” by different […]

Full photo album : It’s quite a long way to go to Sopot.. But we have decided, and go we shall. So of course it began in Changi Airport.. To view the rest of the post.. Please read more to continue.. (too many pictures!)