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A Term of Writing

I have taken a lot of crazy terms in SMU, what with 5.5 courses and all computer-related modules mixed in with difficult business modules stuff. But perhaps my very last term in SMU is the craziest. Perhaps. You decide. So I’m only taking three modules this term. I know, I know. Freaking three modules?? How […]

The End is Near

As cliche as it may sound, it’s true. My years in SMU (and possibly Singapore) is ending. In approximately 7 months, I will receive a fancy-looking scroll, take photos in my big baggy regalia, and throw my square hats to the air. When I first came to SMU, I was 17. I thought I was […]

It’s been 2 years

This entry is belated (and delayed for God knows how long), but never mind. It’s been 2 years since I moved to Singapore. It’s been 2 years since I started my tertiary education in SMU. 2 years since I started my new life all over again. Without the prejudices from my high school friends. Without […]


Ever since the start of this new academic year, SMU students have been screaming out loud that they don’t have a place to study. Please lah. We have hundreds of Group Study Rooms along with hundreds of Seminar Rooms and Classrooms and we can’t book any??? The best we can do is to book one […]

My Class’ Forum

Course name : Technology and World Change Assesment method for class participation : 7% for class discussion, 8% for online forum, 5% bonus if you contribute to the forum in an orderly manner. The forum. A : Hey I found this super cool technology! Check it out! I think it’s good because (copy paste the […]

Precaution : This post might be disturbing for some people. I’ve told you. My friend has been living in the hostel for quite some time now. Living in a tiny not really big room with a bunch of new housemates you have never known about sounds quite interesting, no? Apparently yesterday it had become more […]


STAT101 G2 Class, Singapore Management University, March 2007 Guess who is my Statistics lecturer? 😉 The first person to answer right will get a special present.. :p Can’t believe term 2 is coming to an end already….


Yeay! GAYA is over! I didn’t have time to introduce what GAYA is, but to do so, lemme do it quick. GAYA is the SMUKI (SMU Komunitas Indonesia-SMU Indonesian Community)’s first musical production, where we showcased drama, music, and dance. And it was a tremendous success! Finally. After months and months of practice, a gallon […]