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Obviously I haven’t been posting for some time. And yet whenever I come back to this space I’m amazed on all changes that I have been through for approx. 6 years. The last time I posted I happily posted about my trip to Europe and my job. Ever since that, a lot of changes have […]

Protected: What was it about? (ask me for pw – u know where to)

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Comfort Zone

Here I am again, at my comfort zone. In a house where I don’t need to worry about food on plate and dirty laundry or room. For how long should I be here, I don’t know. I haven’t even bought a ticket back to Singapore. It’s like I’ve been home for so long I almost […]

Found this brilliant comic by Stuart McMillen that portrays exactly how I feel to finally finish an education. Though reluctant, I realize that to challenge myself, rather than overcoming challenges in education, is definitely my next step. I can’t believe I cried while reading the comic. Below is only the thumbnail of the comic (original […]

Before I even stepped in SMU, I had already prepared a post in my mind to release when I’m about to graduate. It would talk about my feelings. About my takeaways. About how I treasure the opportunities I have managed to attain. About how all my previous struggles had been worth it. But seriously? I […]

I, like many other people in the whole world, am sometimes peeved by the way my parents still treat me as a baby. Thankfully they don’t call me up at night and ask me whether I’ve eaten anymore (ugh, so Asian!), but they still feel that they have an authority over me to decide some […]

Hello Twenty Ten

I realized I haven’t really ushered in the new year 2010 and to me that’s like a customary tradition on my blog. Yeah, right. Like you have any tradition, Sylv. Anyway, this year shall be a scary year for me. A lot of transformation will take place this year. I’ll be 21, legal for everything, […]

The End is Near

As cliche as it may sound, it’s true. My years in SMU (and possibly Singapore) is ending. In approximately 7 months, I will receive a fancy-looking scroll, take photos in my big baggy regalia, and throw my square hats to the air. When I first came to SMU, I was 17. I thought I was […]