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Obviously I haven’t been posting for some time. And yet whenever I come back to this space I’m amazed on all changes that I have been through for approx. 6 years. The last time I posted I happily posted about my trip to Europe and my job. Ever since that, a lot of changes have […]

First Published Article

I’ve been confused about what to put in this blog, then I realized that I usually put up stories about milestones in my life mainly to serve as a reminder later in my older life. And so this time I’m going to put up a memory about my very first published article. I’m gonna talk […]


To be really honest, writing in this blog has become such a chore. A chore that I hate – because there’s no ROI. I spend too much effort and time in writing those posts and as you can see, the response is pretty much abysmal nowadays. I’m currently still finding out ways to strike that […]

Shorter, Verbatim Version of Me

I know I haven’t been posting stuff in here for too long. That’s because I intend to keep a certain level of quality for my posts in this blog. My posts should be well-thought and well-written and well-organized – and sometimes it takes (too) long to craft posts like that. Anyway, I have been writing […]

Don’t Blame the Medium

I believe you and I see it everyday. In one variation or another. Something along the line of.. “Facebook/Twitter/Plurk/whatever got me addicted and I can’t do my work/school stuff/tasks/whatever”. But, seriously, people? Those websites only offer you services. Whether you got addicted, it’s only you to blame. It is not Facebook’s fault that you bombed […]

Note: this is a quick post – I didn’t bother to research for details. Please bear with that. In my life, I have only lived in two countries – Indonesia and Singapore, where the availability of good TV shows is heartbreaking. I guess it’s just natural to turn to US-produced TV shows, which I generally […]

It has been approximately 4 years since I don the nick “sylvdoanx”, and yet I have never got the chance to really explain how this nickname came about. Let’s start with the etymology. sylvdoanx consists of two parts, Sylv and doanx. Sylv of course came from my name Sylvia. I’ve always liked to put my […]

Protected: What was it about? (ask me for pw – u know where to)

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