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Gearing up for #RockAndRoots

I got very lucky several days ago when I won a pair of tickets to Rock and Roots, and then a pair of tickets for meet and greet with Imogen Heap. Words can’t explain how happy I am. Anyway, I’m not only going to see Imogen Heap, John Legend is also headlining in this annual […]

You Were There

This is the current hit song in my choir (SMU Chamber Choir). You Were There by Libera. I hope I’m not the only person that thinks the video is cheese sandwich. I mean, ugh. It’s like somebody just took their pictures and tinkered around with iMovie or the likes (Windows Movie Maker? Eeks). But it […]

So if you guys follow me on Twitter/@sylvdoanx, you should have seen my public breakdown over my then impending grade 8 piano exam. I know it’s not a school exam or something, but let me tell you, piano exam is much much worse than school exam. Because unlike in written exam when you can try […]

Are you what you listen?

We’ve heard a lot of cliches around this : you are what you eat, you are what you wear, you are what you do, etc etc. But are you really what you listen? And do you define what you listen by how you define yourself? I’m pondering about this since my choir (visit SMU Chamber […]

I can’t help to share this. Usually this is not my style to just post a video or a link on a go. But I just really want to post this up. Check this out: Bobby McFerrin (ahem, I bet you know “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, right?) “hacks” your brain. He gives 2 or 3 […]

I’m gonna make wrinkles

…in the air. I’m pretty sure some of my loyal readers (thank you for keep visiting my site even though I don’t update it hahaha :P) will hate me now. After missing for so long (busy lah, sorry), now I’m back just to shamelessly PLUG PLUG PLUG my oncoming choir concert!!! But actually it can’t […]

If the Day is Done..

I’m currently singing this song for choir. The arrangement was composed and arranged by Vystautas Miskinis. (I apologize if I spelt that wrongly. Someone help me please). The song was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s poem from “Gitanjali”. The poem is very beautiful so I thought I would share this little literary gem to brighten up […]

Awsumz PlayL33stz

Please don’t ask why I keep using the lolcat/geek language. I dunno man. Just because I