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First Published Article

I’ve been confused about what to put in this blog, then I realized that I usually put up stories about milestones in my life mainly to serve as a reminder later in my older life. And so this time I’m going to put up a memory about my very first published article. I’m gonna talk […]

Happiness is…

14 new books priced at SGD 2 each. I know I’ve shared about this on Twitter and Facebook, and yet here I am sharing it again. I can’t help it, I’m so happy. While my friends play with Barbies and Polly Pockets, my parents keep buying me books books books and more books. I have […]

If the Day is Done..

I’m currently singing this song for choir. The arrangement was composed and arranged by Vystautas Miskinis. (I apologize if I spelt that wrongly. Someone help me please). The song was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s poem from “Gitanjali”. The poem is very beautiful so I thought I would share this little literary gem to brighten up […]

Why Why

I hear the “Why, why” ringing. Oh, Why Why are you still here, oh Why? Why, Why, why am I still asking? When I know it’s all because of me Too coward to continue Too afraid to listen Refusing to know the truth So, why, Why, why are you still here? Floating around, singing “Why, […]

Stop all the clocks..

Poems and any kind of literature are my first love. Here’s one English poem I found. (I usually read Indonesian poems, with super rich vocabulary and grammar-breaking form) Titled “Funeral Blues”, it’s more well-known as “Stop All the Clocks” due to its first line. It was written by W. H. Auden. You can listen to […]


The sun will soon set yet don’t fret Since we’re together with all the love we can gather I’ve never made a poem in English before. This one was scribbled on my boyfriend’s course handout =P


Aku lihatmu Ada Kau ada Di sini kau ada Tamparku, buatku sadar Ingatkanku dengan dulu Impianku…. yang dulu Akankah dulu itu jadi nanti Akankah kau jadi nantiku Ingin simpanmu Kau kan pergi Ada gunanyakah kusimpan?