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Some new earrings :)

I’m still quite lazy to post my Europe trip pictures and stories. And I need to wake up by 6.30 tomorrow to go to the office. My work starts at 8.30 everyday. Anyway, here are some new earrings that I made during my break time (after Europe, before internship). Azura The name means blue sky. […]

I think now I have unhealthy addiction to beading.. Oh noes! I was super “productive” last time and made 2 sets of bracelets and earrings! Each set contains 3 bracelets and 2 pair of earrings. OMGWTFBBQ rite?? Behold.. My newest babies.. Paulette and Bernadette! Paulette is shy, humble, soft, and elegant. Just like what her […]

There’s a reason why I repeated the word 4 times. You’ll know later. Went for a basic wirework class conducted by Izel on Tuesday. (Yes, Paddy, now I know where you stay… Bwahahaha) Learned about the basics of manipulating pins (flat-head and round-head pins) to make… Yes you’ve guessed it.. Earrings! Had a great fun […]

After browsing around the web for beading tutorials.. And buying a book about beading.. And buying some beads for starters.. I finally made something! =D Check out my 3 bracelets.. Pretty or not? =DWell yea I know they’re not of the same size.. Please forgive me.. First timer.. =P I put it on a white […]