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Haha. Yes. This is the mandatory “exams are over” blog post. Plus reviews and reflections if any. Surprisingly, I don’t feel that ecstatic. Perhaps because I’m down with flu. I ALWAYS get down with flu around exam time. Sigh. According to the Psychology textbook, it’s called something like somatoform disorder. Your body becomes sick because […]

I’m gonna make wrinkles

…in the air. I’m pretty sure some of my loyal readers (thank you for keep visiting my site even though I don’t update it hahaha :P) will hate me now. After missing for so long (busy lah, sorry), now I’m back just to shamelessly PLUG PLUG PLUG my oncoming choir concert!!! But actually it can’t […]

The things to do at 2009

Ok I have 27 minutes to finish this blog post (I started writing at 23:33 PM Singapore time). I’ve always hated the idea of making resolutions. Why should we? Why wait until new year to do/get new things? But then I’m changing a lot this year so I guess.. I’m gonna make a resolution for […]

The end of classes

Classes have ended. Projects have ended. I just handed in the beautiful 30-page report today, and that would be my last submission of the term. As always, as the cliche saying goes, time flies. And as always, I always review a term. This term has not been my most tiring term ever. I guess the […]


I know, I missed 3 NaBloPoMo. I failed, but at least I tried. It’s halfway through November and this month has been a steep roller coaster for me.  On a lighter note, I just finished my last presentation of the term. Now I’m only left with 2 project parts to write, and that should not […]

Missing Time

I missed 2 NaBloPoMo days. Not because I wanted to. I was in school, doing my assignment of Enterprise Web Solutions. Basically it’s to create a portal using Microsoft SharePoint. Let me tell you, this course and Microsoft Sharepoint suck ass. Usually I would do my NaBloPoMo after I got home, which is usually around […]

  This term, Tuesday is my longest day ever. I had one Monday about 2 terms ago that was also so long because I had 3 concurrent courses at one day. This term’s Tuesday doesn’t have 3 concurrent courses, but equally, if not more, tiring.   So I have a morning class at 8.30 AM. […]

  Since moving to Singapore I sometimes face difficulty of finding a church to go to. Well back in Jakarta my siblings and I (plus my cousin) will all go to this one church nearby our place at one time. So never once I missed church.   However it’s hard to be that discipline in […]