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CNY 2014

Flew back home again for Chinese New Year 2014. I was never really super excited about CNY, it only started after I moved to Singapore. When I was still studying in SMU, Chinese New Year usually falls on a school term, and while Singapore gives 2 days of holiday, it usually just doesn’t warrant buying […]

Very very long indeed! Too many things have happened on 2011. It was a year full of interesting experiences and milestones. Of course, I managed to meet an amazing musician Imogen Heap (for free!) and watched other interesting musicians. I also finally got a job! It’s a job that I never thought of doing, but […]

Gearing up for #RockAndRoots

I got very lucky several days ago when I won a pair of tickets to Rock and Roots, and then a pair of tickets for meet and greet with Imogen Heap. Words can’t explain how happy I am. Anyway, I’m not only going to see Imogen Heap, John Legend is also headlining in this annual […]

Happiness is…

14 new books priced at SGD 2 each. I know I’ve shared about this on Twitter and Facebook, and yet here I am sharing it again. I can’t help it, I’m so happy. While my friends play with Barbies and Polly Pockets, my parents keep buying me books books books and more books. I have […]


‘Nuff said. I got 111 for the exam, which means I only “pass”. Without merit, without distinction, but who cares? I got through the piano hell! OMG! Now time to play piano just because I love it. Anyone wanna learn playing piano, btw? Contact me!

Hello Twenty Ten

I realized I haven’t really ushered in the new year 2010 and to me that’s like a customary tradition on my blog. Yeah, right. Like you have any tradition, Sylv. Anyway, this year shall be a scary year for me. A lot of transformation will take place this year. I’ll be 21, legal for everything, […]

A Term of Writing

I have taken a lot of crazy terms in SMU, what with 5.5 courses and all computer-related modules mixed in with difficult business modules stuff. But perhaps my very last term in SMU is the craziest. Perhaps. You decide. So I’m only taking three modules this term. I know, I know. Freaking three modules?? How […]

I am currently down with flu. I started coughing on Thursday afternoon. I thought it’s just a normal coughing, but due to the recent paranoia over H1N1 coming to Singapore shores, I decided to check at the school doctor. I didn’t go travel anywhere over the few weeks so he dismissed the possibility of H1N1. […]