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CNY 2014

Flew back home again for Chinese New Year 2014. I was never really super excited about CNY, it only started after I moved to Singapore. When I was still studying in SMU, Chinese New Year usually falls on a school term, and while Singapore gives 2 days of holiday, it usually just doesn’t warrant buying tickets to go home. And then I usually got stuck in Singapore on Chinese New Year, where everything was closed. Singapore somehow became quieter and less hectic, it’s a little eerie.

I usually prefer going home during Christmas/New Year, or maybe Easter. But when I started my job back in 2011, I found it so difficult to go home during those times. I was part of a global support group and they had devised a guideline that no more than 2 people could go on leave at the same time. It became a race of first-come-first-serve of leave applications. I thought I’m quite the planner, planning my flights and leaves several months ahead, but there were people who planned even earlier than I do. So long story short, most of the times I couldn’t secure a leave application for Christmas/New Year/Easter so I kinda made a deal with them that no one touches Chinese New Year holiday and let me use it to go home (and it also helps that none of my team mates that time celebrated Chinese New Year). Ever since then, I kinda got used to it and I’ve started to always go home during Chinese New Year.

My family’s not really big on CNY decoration spectacle so we don’t have any in the house. What we have is abundance of food, whether cooked by our own (or rather our auntie) or given by friends/business partners/family. As Indonesian Chinese, it’s pretty interesting to see more traditional “Chinese” gifts like oranges, alongside more Indonesian ones like lapis legit cake. I tried to bring a little of my second home Singapore’s tradition – I brought home some barbecued pork.

All in all it’s been nice to be able to meet family and relatives during this Chinese New Year. Well the extra money afforded by the red packets didn’t hurt, either.

2 Responses to “CNY 2014”

  1. 1 yuku SINGAPORE Mac OS X Safari 537.36

    Halo sylv, udah lama ga nulis blog ya.. Bahkan aku kira udah mati soalnya dapet banyak peringatan dari dh ttg komponen wp yang bolong2. Selamat kembali dan selamat cny!

  2. 2 Sylvia Giacinta Mac OS X Safari 537.36

    @yuku halo bang yuku, iya nih baru nulis lagi. Lagi dapet inspirasi.. Hehe.. Happy CNY jg ya 🙂

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