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Obviously I haven’t been posting for some time. And yet whenever I come back to this space I’m amazed on all changes that I have been through for approx. 6 years.

The last time I posted I happily posted about my trip to Europe and my job. Ever since that, a lot of changes have happened and again I’m amazed on how 1 year just passed me by.

I hear that cliche about “the only constant in the world is change” very often and I mostly scoffed at it. I don’t like changes, I tell myself. Why should I bother about changes? I know that a lot of people crave change and go out of their way to change themselves, the situation, anything. But to me, change is a hassle, a burden. Something that I can live without.

But then I realized – maybe I’m not that averse to change anyway. I remember when I was in high school and I just knew I had to have a change. I had to go out of Jakarta and went out to live elsewhere. I was 16, naive, stupid, and yet I was adamant on going.

So I thought – maybe this one is not really that different. Except that when I was 16, I was forcing myself to change. Now it’s the situation that’s forcing me to change and move on.

I had a hard time processing the news (even until now), but my friends keep telling me that it’s not that bad a thing, and that I have the potential to move on, and to be better. And that’s all I want to be. Better. Surpassing my own expectations.

I have been very lucky to have the opportunities to grow and to find out more things about myself. Although this year is starting rough, I choose to believe that it’s only going to get better from now on.

No way to go but up.

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