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Very very long indeed!

Too many things have happened on 2011. It was a year full of interesting experiences and milestones. Of course, I managed to meet an amazing musician Imogen Heap (for free!) and watched other interesting musicians.

Imogen Heap

I also finally got a job! It’s a job that I never thought of doing, but I’m enjoying it so far. I found that the job is a good fit for my skills and personality, and I’m glad I can get a job like that.

After working for about 4 months, I was sent to a business trip to go on a training in Manila. I loved it there – it looked so much like Indonesia (Jakarta) it eased my homesick-ness a bit. I also really liked the friendly and warm people, colleagues and strangers alike. And the food! I love them! Also – my colleague who also got sent there brought me to this beautiful place called Tagaytay.


And then of course the big event of the year.. I went to Prague!


It’s again a trip with my beloved SMU Chamber Choir to participate in an international competition. The even better news is we got GOLD! After going on 2 choir trips with them, we ended up with Silver. Which is saying “Good, but not good enough!”. When I learned that we got Gold I cried like a baby… We so deserved it.

After Prague, together with my choir I went to another beautiful town called Cesky Krumlov (with stopovers in between).

Cesky Krumlov

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

Then after Cesky Krumlov several of us went to Vienna!

Me at the garden of Schoenbrunn Palace

It was such a charming and classy place. Loved every detail of it.

2011 ended with such a bang, for me. I hope 2012 can only be better!

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