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Gearing up for #RockAndRoots

I got very lucky several days ago when I won a pair of tickets to Rock and Roots, and then a pair of tickets for meet and greet with Imogen Heap. Words can’t explain how happy I am. Anyway, I’m not only going to see Imogen Heap, John Legend is also headlining in this annual rock festival. There will also be Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue. In addition, local bands The Set Band and 53A will play too.

I have been gearing up for the festival (it’ll be the first time I’m attending one) by listening to their songs. You know, get my groove going and stuff. Here below are the songs. If you’re coming, see you at Rock and Roots! If you’re not, please do enjoy the songs from these fantastic musicians!

Imogen Heap

I came to know Imogen Heap via Mac OS X Leopard demo/trailer (I can’t find the video on Youtube, sadly). It was just a simple guitar hook. Her name was on that commercial, so I Youtube-d it, found it, and loved it, and still loves it. The song was “Goodnight and Go”. Afterwards, I started to listen to more of her songs and has been mesmerized by the richness since. Listening to Imogen Heap is an experience.

Here are the songs from her latest album, Ellipse.

Ellipse by imogenheap

And this is her latest song called Lifeline. Ms Heap created this song using “crowdsourcing”. Sound bits and solos were contributed by fans, and so were the images used for the video. She plans to create her whole new album using this method, which I think is a very creative and intimate way to connect with her fans.

Lifeline by imogenheap

and this is the video clip of the song that started it all for me..

John Legend

I first heard John Legend’s Ordinary People during my high school days and found it really touching. I liked it a lot I made that song my ringtone during high school! If you have read my blog for some time and read my music entries, I suppose you’ll know that I generally like music that has a “richness” on it, a complete package of musical efforts (auto-tune is NOT effort) and emotions. I think John Legend embodies that perfectly.

Here’s the song that started it all for me..

Here are some of his songs via Grooveshark.

This widget might not work. Link to playlist on Grooveshark – John Legend.

Here is his awesome rendition of an already awesome song by Adele, Rollin’ in the Deep. Awesome square, baby.

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue

I only came to know Trombone Shorty from Rock and Roots and boy I’m glad that I did! Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty calls his music Supafunkrock. Yeah, fits into my “richness” theme again. I haven’t known much about him, but from the artist write-up, it says that he’s a multi-instrumentalist (the write-up even mentioned him as a “prodigy”) that puts a lot of soul into his music. Just my kind!

Here are some stuff from grooveshark:

This widget might not work. Link to playlist on Grooveshark – Trombone Shorty.

and here’s a video of him live!

The Sets Band and 53A

To be honest I’ve never heard of these Singapore local bands, but if they’re selected to play at Rock and Roots they should be awesome! I’ve found some of their videos, and they sound really well!

Can’t wait for the festival!

PS Sorry for the inconvenience sizes of the players… My theme is not really flexible. You can always click on the video to watch it on Youtube 🙂

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