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To be really honest, writing in this blog has become such a chore. A chore that I hate – because there’s no ROI. I spend too much effort and time in writing those posts and as you can see, the response is pretty much abysmal nowadays. I’m currently still finding out ways to strike that balance – not that much effort (I’d rather write serious articles to be published with that kind of effort), and yet still good response. Hopefully I can find some interesting stuff to write about again. Meanwhile, check out my posterous for my on-the-go musings.

2 Responses to “No ROI”

  1. 1 juliandots Windows NT Opera 9.80

    Remember, even if writing these posts feal like a chore, there is always someone out there who enjoys reading them. Keep it up.

  2. 2 Sylvia Giacinta SINGAPORE Mac OS X Safari 533.19.4

    Thank you! 🙂 i’ll try to get my mojo going again

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