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Happiness is…

14 new books priced at SGD 2 each.

I know I’ve shared about this on Twitter and Facebook, and yet here I am sharing it again. I can’t help it, I’m so happy.

While my friends play with Barbies and Polly Pockets, my parents keep buying me books books books and more books. I have so many books back home in Jakarta that one time the bookshelf broke!

So when I got the emailer from Times (my bookstore of choice in Singapore – cheaper books, same quality!) about their $2 book warehouse sale, I hyperventilated on the spot.

When I got to the warehouse sale I still saw some books being priced at $10, $6, and so on. Confused, my boyfriend asked the attendant and he said that no matter what price is slapped on the book, it’s still $2. I hyperventilated again. Rows and rows of books, from the smallest to the heaviest, all for $2. Novels, cookbooks, do-it-yourself books, biographies, etc etc etc.. For only $2 each. Needless to say, I went mad.

So here’s the listing of the books I bought.. Just to remind myself of how many books I have bought and later on remind myself of how many I haven’t read. Hehe.


My favourite kind of book, because it’s the kind of book I can read anywhere (and I mean anywhere… Ahem).

Pankaj Mishra – The Romantics

Nell Freudenberger – Lucky Girls

Yann Martel – The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios

Short Stories

I used to make a lot of short stories in Indonesian. And ever since I took the class “Creative Writing (of Short Stories)” at school, I grew more interested in reading short stories. They’re short without less punch.

Catherine Lim – Women in Bondage

Oh no! I thought this is a collection of her short stories but apparently it consists of her essays about women in bondage, interviews, and annotated bibliography. Yes I just realized this when I’m writing this blog post. I feel so bummed, I love Catherine Lim’s stories. She came once to my Creative Writing class and she was a wonderful lady.

Gopal Baratham – Of Memory and Desire

Apparently this book is the same thing as the book described above. Oh well, might be an interesting read anyway.

Travel Stories

Chronicles about travelling/living at other countries. Usually amusing.

Peter Carey – Wrong About Japan

Neil Humphreys – Notes from an Even Smaller Island

Travel Guides

I bought them because they look pretty and not wordy! Haha. Currently the possibility of really going to these places is really low. Except perhaps Thailand. I chose the one on Thailand because it was the lightest. I don’t get the point of heavy and bulky travel guides. I mean, it’s supposed to be brought while travelling!

Knopf Mapguides – Milan

Knopf Mapguides – Stockholm

Globetrotter – The Philippines

AA Essential – Thailand

My boyfriend and I collectively bought 8 travel guides. So 4 of them stay with me while the other 4 stay with him. The ones at him are guides to Miami, Munich, Malaysia, and Naples.


And some other stuff…

From Harvard Business Press – Lessons Learned – Straight Talk from the World’s Top Business Leaders – Starting a Business

Ong Siow Heng and Nirmala Govindasamy-Ong – Metaphor and Public Communication: Selected speeches of Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong

Ron and Caryl Krannich – Nail the Cover Letter!

Oh man, I haven’t even finished reading books I bought at the Carrefour sale some months back. I’m currently reading The Namesake. Normally I would ask you to give me recommendations of books to read, but I guess not today 😀

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