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Shorter, Verbatim Version of Me

I know I haven’t been posting stuff in here for too long. That’s because I intend to keep a certain level of quality for my posts in this blog. My posts should be well-thought and well-written and well-organized – and sometimes it takes (too) long to craft posts like that.

Anyway, I have been writing my thoughts verbatim in my Posterous site. Do check it out if you’re interested in reading my thoughts and of course, sometimes, my mundane life. Though my mundane life is usually delegated to my Twitter or Plurk.

Writing in Posterous with shorter, verbatim style has been quite liberating. I like to write – but sometimes the level of quality I impose on myself hinders the process. I don’t know – maybe I should consider moving to Posterous full-time. What do you think?

Don’t forget to check Yes I snagged the “sylv” subdomain. Ain’t I cool.

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