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I’m home

It rocks. I love my car with my driver. And my piano. And my cable TV. Soon enough I’ll be watching DVDs non stop. Heh.

I love this city with all the irony. I love the city which has grand malls and luxurious apartments followed by slums and almost-torn-down homes and small coffee shops right at the next block.

It kinda reminds me about how everything is just never perfect. And can never be perfect.

And I feel the strong determination in my city. I don’t care if you say my people are slackers and whatnots. These people struggle to even survive, without thinking how to live a life. What’s life if surviving is hard?

One week, I’m gonna breathe the polluted air and eat food seasoned with dust from door-to-door hawkers. This is how millions of people live and I’m a part of them.

While of course, I’ll also enjoy the car and the driver at the same time. 😛

3 Responses to “I’m home”

  1. 1 aditya UNITED STATES Mac OS X Safari 525.19

    you got cable tv yet you watch dvd non stop

  2. 2 Bobbie Abelson UNITED STATES Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7

    thbam bam bam ! this is crazy!!

  3. 3 Rika INDONESIA Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

    I’ll also enjoy the car and the driver at the same time–> hmm well, was I the driver, heh??

    DVDs? well, not to mention, they’re so genuinely original..noticing the great qualities of pics and subtitles..
    kuningan rocks!!!

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