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Yesh! Here goes the next day..

As usual.. My pre-typed blogpost…

woke up in the morning and our guides brought us to the beach/sea! there’s this super long beach line. or maybe it’s some peninsula? i dunno what it’s called but it’s long. the sand is very soft so we kept sinking. it was so hard to walk! sigh.. but the view is pretty.. and of course we took picture with the anchor cross. it’s anchors coz this region has many fishermen and this cross is supposedly their protector. after that we went to the center of Sopot and walked through the longest pier in the europe. only about 5 of us made it to the end of the pier, including yours truly, of course. it was super cold. and the wind is even colder. after that we went to a big mall in Gdansk. well, just like any malls, it was full of zara, mango, and the likes. and of course there was H&M! so many discounts here and there so i grabbed a top and a skirt. didn’t take a lot of photos of anything else.
[end of pre-typed post]

Okay so that basically summarized all. Now let’s go to the photos~~~!!
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Sorry, no photos of breakfast today! Heehee.. Was quite sleepy at breakfast and I didn’t bring my camera. Party yesterday, remember? hee..

Ok anyway.. So our guides brought us to this beauuuuutiful beach…

kosakowo beach
the lone house

cross of anchors
That’s cross of anchors behind. This Kosakowo area is famous for its fishermen (since it’s near the sea). This cross is their protector (if I heard right about it).

Closer look of the cross..
cross of anchors.. closer
Yes, it’s huge.

As I said.. The sand was soooo soft and we kept sinking. It’s like a whole work out/warm up! Some people decided to walk on the side instead, where the sand is wet and more solid..
walking along the beach
Well including me of course.

The view of the sea..
view of sea

The peninsula was sooooo long. I don’t have any photos of me with the peninsula but I took this picture of Krishna and the peninsula..
krishna at kosakowo peninsula
Can you see it at the background? The peninsula disappearing into the horizon? It was quite hard to capture. It’s so loooooooooooooooooooooong.

No we didn’t walk until the end of the peninsula. Couldn’t take more of the super soft sand…

Oh and while we were walking on this peninsula there was a large number of annoying little flies! And some of them can stick on your lips! Gross! One of my friends had loads of them on her lips and she didn’t realize it. Lucky she got some tissue and quickly cleaned it off.

Okay after that we were taken to Kosakowo Cultural Centre (if I’m not wrong.. Oh my memory fails me…sighz)
We were thanked and congratulated and all that jazz. Oh and we were given some lollipops. I’m serious.

This is the only picture I took. Flowers outside the centre.. They were just soooo pretty…
flowers outside

And after that we went back to Sopot to do some rehearsal. And after that we went to the longest pier in Europe, Sopot pier!
(I kinda think Europeans like loooooong things)

This is the entrance..

me at sopot pier
Of course, I must provide an evidence photo.. Here I am!
me at sopot pier
And me again, looking more emo. My shawl is so dramatic! Haha. The wind was blowing very strong that day. Cooooolllddd..

View of the sea…

sopot pier
Walking along the pier…

Yes the pier was soooooo long. According to Wikipedia it is 515.5 meters long. And it was so windy and chilly so it was basically a torture to walk until the end. But I persevered! Hahaha! I was walking with my friend Zhimin and we talked about a bunch of nonsense so it was still alright.

the end of pier
And finally the end of the pier!
I know, it doesn’t really look that special after all…
I think they should have put some sign or something. Something like “You have reached the end of the longest pier of Europe”? It will be a good photo object.

After that our guide brought us to the biggest mall, as you have read from my pre-typed blogpost. Didn’t take a lot of pictures. What’s to take? Another Zara, Mango? No need… You can find them in Singapore. Except H&M though. Ohhhhhh when will H&M come to Singapore?? Please please please.

This is the only photo I took in Galeria Baltycka..

made in indonesia
Found in H&M. After fancying this cute hoodie, I found the label… Made in Indonesia. Doh..

Okay that’s all for 21st of May. Short yeah? Just stay tune for moreeeeee~~~~

2 Responses to “Poland – 21st of May – Do you hear the sea calling?”

  1. 1 Wilfrid SINGAPORE Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

    That is Poland?! So beautiful! I love the sea. Perhaps I shall plan a day to visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like you are having a great time!

  2. 2 sylv SINGAPORE Windows XP Opera 9.50

    Yupz.. You should visit! Make sure you have an English-speaking guide though.. Coz Polish language is…. er.. Unreadable, unpronouncable, and the likes. You can’t even guess what the word means coz it’s just so different from English (unlike Dutch or Italian or Spanish whose words are quite similar to English words).

    Oh and remember that this is Kosakowo/Sopot/Gdansk. They’re at the northern part, which is near to the sea. Not Warsaw, the capital. Warsaw looked pretty bland to me..

    I think my Google Adsense once showed ads about hotels in Kosakowo/Gdansk. Maybe you want to try. Hahaha.

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