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Ok here we go to the next days.. Posted one month after the day itself.. Sorry.. Pardon me for being soooo busy ok?

Ok here goes my pre-typed blogpost…

20th of may

went to Kosakowo to hold some choral workshops in schools. in return the students gave us performances. kosakowo is inside the Kasubian region, so all the performances were the traditional dances/songs unique to that region. had fun meeting the cute children. some of them even ask for autographs. talk about instant celebrity!
after all of the tiring (but fun!) workshops, we went to a church to attend a mass and hold a concert. I haven’t gone to church for quite some time, so I’m happy I can attend a mass (Catholic mass), despite the mass being in Polish. after the mass 3 choirs went on stage and sang nice songs (i can only say nice coz i can’t really understand what they’re singing). and it was our turn! it was sooooo cold i kept shivering. natural vibrato! the audience gave us standing ovation which surprised me coz we were shivering like crazy and didn’t think it sounded so good. but oh well. why should we reject such an appreciation? we gave an encore.

we went back to the hostel we’re staying in aaaand they held a barbeque! lemme tell you, polish sausages are the best i’ve tasted until now (until 20th of may and the place i’ve gone farthest is poland). they grilled it with beer too! so oily and sinful but you juz want more and more. after the barbeque the girls and boys at the hostel were holding a disco. they put on some speakers and started blasting clubbing music. who said choir can’t party? we partied until late night. can’t believe one of the best clubbing session i’ve had so far was in youth hostel at poland with a bunch of polish teenagers. and yes they’re teenagers. I’ve overheard some of them were 16 or something. and they’re really enthusiastic and powerful. i can’t understand how they managed to dance for about another hour after all of us retired to rest.

Here comes the photos~~~!!
(note : I’m not posting my party photos =P you can search for it on facebook, if you’re my friend)
Read more to continue coz there are sooooooooo many photos..

As usual, we started our day with delicious breakfast..

They’re basically hard boiled eggs. With mayonnaise (sometimes ketchup) on top. They were very different from Singapore’s watery half-boiled eggs. They were suuuper tasty. They were my favourite breakfast thing in Poland!

Here are the photos of the school we visited…
poland classroom
This is the Kasubian Culture class if I’m not wrong.

Some cool eagle sculpture. It’s the bird in the national coat of arms of Poland. It is somehow similar to Indonesia’s…

poland coat of arms
indonesia coat of arms

Anyway, here is a supposedly world map..
world map
I said supposedly coz Jakarta and Singapore are both missing from there.

And here’s the performance I told you about!
polish kids performance
They were teaching us about Kasubian alphabets! By singing no less! Of course I couldn’t understand anything but yeah..
Anyway, their costumes are very cute, right? =D

Oops! Careful boys!

polish kids dance
The second dance. The boys and girls are holding hands and happily dancing around the stage. Cuuuuuuute.

And here’s the third dance. The emcee said that this dance is about fighting for girls. So the pirates teased the girls and the brave villager boys tried to save them. Hahaha. I didn’t really see the story later in the dance coz all they did was spinning and then jumping and then dancing around the stage. Never mind. They were cute.

kids polish dance
See? They’re even holding whips!

And these are the pretty girls..
polish girls

polish kids dance
Of course they ended up dancing together!

After this we delivered our performance. It was the Japanese song Sohran Bushi (Japanese fishermen song). After that they juz swarmed to us and asked for our signatures! Like really! That’s what my title came from.. Coz in the signatures book I wrote


It’s quite confusing, you know? The simple question “Where are you from?” was quite complicated to answer when I was at Poland. Of course I’m from Indonesia but I was there to represent a Singapore school. Thus Indonesia slash Singapore was born.


After that… Eat! They served us Polish food agaaaaaaain. Those beloved sausages! Eggs! Salad! Beer! Beer! Beer! Did I just say beer thrice? Beer!

Note : some photos were taken by Jeremy Tan

So here we were surrounding a long table, seated on small seats (they were the kids’ seats! Hahahaha)
at poland eating
Of course the cans of beer you see were free!! Real free beer =D
Oh yes in case you were wondering the beer was cheap!! It was even kinda cheaper than the best mineral water..
Oh and their mineral water… Somehow they sometimes like it with gas! As in carbonated water.. I got conned several times becuase I couldn’t read Polish… But after some time I learned.. Gazowana is the one with gas, Niegazowana is the one without gas.

I wish I had taken the photos of the wonderful sausages. But I was too busy to eat them and they were gone before I got the chance to photograph them. Hehehehe. I might try to search my choir friends’ facebook album and snatch some sausage photos. I hope they won’t mind. =P
The Polish sausages are very very solid and tasty! You know sometimes we encounter sausages with some holes inside? Polish sausages are nothing like that. They’re very solid, and some kinds are very soft that you can spread it on your bread!

Here is the photo of the other people invited to the dinner..
polish people eating
Oh yes it was dinner!
In case you’re wondering why it was still bright in the pictures… The truth is.. It was always bright in Poland until about 9.30 PM. And after that.. It got bright (as bright as about 7 AM or 8 AM in Singapore) at 4.30 AM. -_-“””””””” It was not once I got awake at 4.30 AM thinking it was already 8 AM or something. Sighz.

We were having dinner together with the resident choir of Kosakowo.. THey’re using their traditional clothes as their choir costumes.. It’s sooooo cute.

smu chamber choir with kosakowo choir
See see? And they’re soooo tall and big! That uncle hugging me was very big and his hug was veeeeeeeerrry tight. And that uncle at the most left was surely handsome on his days yea? =D

This is another picture taken by Jeremy..
smu chamber choir with the kosakowo choir
Now you can see the ladies also! Super cute costumes!

After that…

(read : party)

Ok I said I didn’t want to post party pictures but I guess I’ll just post some.. With me inside, sometimes. You can drool over the hawt Polish girls…

(pictures by Jeremy Tan)

The “train”. I think it’s their favourite dance move… Make a “train” and hop all over the place..

polish girls partying
There! Some Polish girls! I hope they don’t mind.. Hehehe…

me dancing in Poland
this has me inside.. maybe you’re interested =P

And in case you’re still not sure that we choir geeks can parteeeehhh

It was awesome. It was just some corridor in our youth hostel and they were just playing their playlist with a speaker and there it was! A dancefloor!

Polish girls are hot yea? (I think they’re Polish though. I might be mistaken…….)
But the boys didn’t dance much! The girls were veeeeery enthusiastic.

Okay and that was the end of May 20th. Stay tune for 21st of May, still in Kosakowo! =D

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