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Internship eating up

Dearest my loyal readers..
I don’t know how many times you have refreshed this page, but unfortunately Sylv is now appointed as an intern in some company and will be quite busy to ever blog..
She promises to blog whenever she can (not in office hours!), whenever she’s sober enough to type.

Thank’s for being a loyal reader. You know who you are. I know there’s quite a lot of you. Although my entries in didn’t really get pong-ed by pingsters, i can see an overwhelming number of “reads” there. (“Reads” means that somebody who is not a user clicked the link to read my entry. Or maybe some members un-pong after they read. Whichever it is)

I’m sorry if I have been disappointing you with lack of entries and lack of substance in entries. I’m just.. I need some time to figure things out. And of course also to do my internship.

I seek your prayers and support as I force myself to write more entries for you to enjoy. There are still 10 days’ worth of Europe trip to come. Don’t worry.


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