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It’s quite a long way to go to Sopot.. But we have decided, and go we shall.

So of course it began in Changi Airport..
my friends in changi airport
gate C23

To view the rest of the post.. Please read more to continue.. (too many pictures!)

Went to the gate after wandering around various shops in the airport. Saw one pack of Estee Lauder perfume (travel pack) for only $50 something. Contained 5 types of perfumes. But, sigh.. Didn’t buy it…

And of course after the gate we’re going inside the plane!
Here is me inside the plane…
me inside the plane
And since it was a long flight.. We had TV!
in flight TV
But it was not working properly…. =( in the end the only thing we could watch was the flight tracker. They also have cockpit camera but it was already night, so who cares anyway?

But anyway, I (and Krishna) were assigned seats just at behind. It was seats of 2 (seats ahead of us were seats of 3), so it’s good that we’re not cramped between unknown people. And our seats were at the back, so it’s very near to the toilet and… Self-service area! Apparently at mid-flight they serve various snacks. We got ourselves some sandwiches, one tub of ice cream, and cup noodles! Helped to warm the body in the freezing cabin. And also they’ve got drinks. I always get thirsty easily, and I was so grateful I could just shuttle to and fro from my seat to get drinks.

After 12 hours of flight, we landed in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.
welcome to CDG
About 2 hours before our next flight…

CDG airport was wonderful. You might have read my blog post about it.
And here are the pictures to prove the beautiful architecture of CDG airport!
CDG airport
cdg airport
cdg airport
cdg airport
Pretty right?

And so after walking around and around, it’s time to board the plane to Warsaw!
anjana n krishna
My friends Anjana and Krishna posed before the flight.

Up and go!
view of the wings
Marvelous, right?
Somebody was awed by it too.. (I suppose)
Mei Sze looking out of the window

It was just a short flight. 2 hours or so. Well it’s a bit longer than flight from Singapore to Jakarta but considering I was in 12 hour flight, that was seriously short.

In no time, I arrived at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.
me at warsaw airport
Yes, now you can see my huge suitcase.

And in no time too, we boarded a coach to go to Sopot.
And this was all we saw during the trip to Sopot….
yellow fields
Yellow fields. Was it canola? I’m not sure..
And moreeee yellow fields.
yellow fields
yellow fields

We stopped by to grab a bite.. And of course I had to take a picture with the yellow field in the background.
me and the yellow fields

This is what I ordered. A hamburger.
I ordered this because it was the only thing I could understand/comprehend from the menu.

This is the coach that brought us to Sopot.
coach to sopot

Hmm. Are you wondering why I could take the picture of the coach?
Well, the true story was.. There was a long traffic jam and we got stuck. We got stuck for quite a long time so we decided to go out and get some fresh (cold) air.

And since we were a choir (not that we aren’t now), we sang! In the open field. In the cold air. There’s a video posted on Facebook but I couldn’t embed it here.. =/
And since we were… Erm.. Narcissistic..
us in the open field

And finally the jam looked like it’s moving and we got back into the bus.
And we finally reached the place we’re going to stay in!
It was a church cum seminary.. Up on the hill. More photos of it at the next post 😉

For now.. Let me show you my room there!
I was quite the luckiest girl in the choir (with 3 others.. Hehe). We got this very big room that’s actually more like a studio apartment. Initially I and Jen (my buddy cum my roommate) got the other room, but were offered to move to this bigger room coz there were 2 other girls that’s assigned there and it’s quite a waste if only 2 of them were there. My previous room with Jen was just.. Erm.. Just enough to sleep and move a bit and so we accepted the offer! 😉
Here’s the room!
the room in sopot
(photo by Jenevieve Yeo)
this is just a part of it.. In this photo you can see a fireplace, 3 very comfortable sofas (we later found out that the biggest sofa is actually a sofa bed!), wardrobe, and 2 beds for me and Jenevieve.

Here’s the other part of the living room.
living room
Yes! We’ve got TV!
But we can’t watch any of the programmes broadcasted there. Erm.. Actually.. We can’t comprehend anything. There were actually English programmes (like those quiz shows), but they were all dubbed! The unique thing in Poland is.. There’s only 1 dubber for the whole show/movie/whatever. So no matter whether the real person speaking is male or female, it’s always just one dubber! Hahahaha. So we heard a blonde pretty girl speaking with deep hoarse voice of a man! It was soooo funny we LMAO’d.

That door you saw leads to the kitchen…
Juz beside the kitchen was the bathroom (not pictured).

If you wonder where the other two girls were sleeping…
The apartment was actually 2 storeys high! Hahaha..
upper loft
And so this was the upper loft where the other two girls stayed.

Our room was so big that every night friends will come over to watch TV or some chit-chat.

So we rested that day to get ready for exciting days ahead!
More in the next post… 😉

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