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Oh Time where did you go? Why am I losing you?

I tried to work with you as effective as I can, but you won’t agree with me.

You keep running out. I keep losing you. I can’t keep track of you.

Why, time, why? Be a good boy and let me finish my work, can you?

Btw, hereby I release my song.. Still a cappella coz my friend can’t finish a backing track for me. =(

Enjoy. Prepare your ears to be….. dead.

I would be very glad if there’s somebody willing to make an accompaniment for it. =)

3 Responses to “Time”

  1. 1 deri UNITED STATES Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

    aneh ya ^^”

    katanya istilah “kekurangan waktu” itu belum diciptakan sebelum sekitar
    abad ke-18 loh

    karena jam juga pada waktu itu belum diciptakan, jadi ga ada yang namanya deadline, ga ada istilah “kekurangan waktu” karena waktu belum menjadi sesuatu yang bisa diukur dan diukur panjangnya 🙂

    jadi kerja..kerja..wah udah sore toh ^^ tidur ah

  2. 2 chillycraps SINGAPORE Windows XP Mozilla Firefox

    I’ll say, screw time!

    I’m running out of time this sem also..

  3. 3 anima INDONESIA Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox

    well aint we all do 😀

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