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First of all, happy belated birthday!

I joined not so long ago (after stumbled upon somebody’s blog), and I’m so glad to be the part of the community. Naturally I like to make friends and really helps me to do that!

I know, I’ve been quite lazy (if you don’t want to say very) to update my blog. Dunno why. I’m still in lazing mood i guess.

So without further ado… Earlier this day (or should I say yesterday) I went to Geek Terminal (finally!) to attend the’s 1st anniversary party. At first I was kinda reluctant because I didn’t know many people (in real life) and one friend I asked to go said he’s got something else to do. But well, I went anyway. Yeah, because I got nothing to do. Got the picture. Neeway. The event was cool, but what I like the most is the venue!!! So cool! They have these cool power plugs that only need to be turned clockwise to be turned on. And this cool rippling virtual fish pond! OMG!

Here’s the video of me and chillycraps “hammering” the fishes.. Me with the purple t-shirt and white pearl necklace.. Wahahahaha…

Uploaded by rinaz

(Thank’s a lot rinaz for the video!)

I didn’t get nominated at all or chosen to present something, but that really doesn’t matter. To me what matters is to find these people you only know from the blogs (and shoutbox) and networking. Ooh I love networking.

So to the bloggers I met today, sorry I can’t mention you all one by one, nice to meet you! Hope to see you again in the future meet up! (or in another situation : see you online!)

Edit :
Another (humiliating) video of me and chillycraps hammer-fighting…
I’m seriously laughing at myself. LOL.

Hammer time!
Uploaded by rinaz

4 Responses to “ 1st anniversary party”

  1. 1 chillycraps SINGAPORE Windows XP Mozilla Firefox

    next time play again hor!


  2. 2 Kev AUSTRALIA Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

    LOL.. there’s always a kid inside us!

  3. 3 yanni SINGAPORE Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox

    thats gd ur having fun with the ping peeps… 🙂

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